Welcome at Colorgems

Colorgems is a small company started from my hobby and passion, collecting fluorescent minerals. Many minerals fluoresce under UV-A light, but the vast majority react to UV-C light (there are also some that react to UV-B, but they are usually also active under UV-C). To view the fluorescence a UV lamp is needed.

Colorgems has a wide range of UV lighting equipment starting from small portable UV lamps to large UV cabinets. For more information or customized UV lighting equipment, please contact us.

Colorgems also has a large assortment of fluorescent minerals and jewelry.

You can find all these products in our webshop, feel free to look arround.



Collecting fluorescent minerals is not complete without a display with UV-lighting. Next to the standard displays we offer we also work together with Martijn Hendrikx of Hendrikx Fluorescent Minerals who makes beautiful display cabinets. More info here.